2018 Parent Teacher Conferences Directory

Welcome to the online appointment scheduling! For March Parent-Teacher Conferences your child’s teacher chose to be a part of this way of scheduling meetings between teachers and parents.  Not all classes are to be a part of this online appointment scheduling. Therefore, if you have a child in another class that is not listed below, please send a note to the classroom teacher of both children to ensure you are scheduled for an appointment time closest to the time you selected online.

Please be patient with us as there may be some glitches.  We thank you for helping us in this endeavor.

**Your conference time will be saved automatically. However, it is possible that  there may be a conflict with the time you selected.  If this happens,  you will be informed and asked to select a different time.

 Choose your child’s class below:

Class 202, Carbone

Class 309, David/Carney

Class 306, Robinson

Class 304, O’Connor

Class 303, Marchesini

Class 302, DiSunno

Class 301, Reed

Class 505, Papazoros