Preparing Your Child for School

Tips for Preparing your Child for School

Count Down to School Calendar

  • Keep a Positive Focus and Start Talking Early

Begin reminding your child that school is starting a few weeks before it actually does. Talk to your child about his/her expectations, hopes and fears for the upcoming school year. Reassure them that other children have the same feeling and it is OK to be nervous. Children will be sensitive to your anxiety, so make sure to talk about all the positive aspects of school. Present school as a place where they’ll learn new things and make new friends.

  • Teach Children How to Introduce Themselves & Role Play

Show children how to approach and greet other students. Role play – act out – different situations that your child is worried about (such as how to make new friends). Help him/her to think of creative and appropriate solutions to everyday problems.

  • Refresh Academics

A few weeks before school is about to begin, set aside some time each day to sit with your child and refresh ­­- go over things – he learned last year. Have students get into a homework routine, by setting aside some time each day for them to read.

  • Get Bed Time back on Schedule

A week or two before school begins, start adjusting your child’s bedtime to what it will be on school nights. This will make the transition on the first day of school much easier.

  • Encourage Personal Connections

The more children are involved in school activities, the more they’ll enjoy their time in school. If your child has mentioned friendships with other students arrange get-togethers so they can spend time together outside of school. Arrange for your child to be involved in activities that include children from their school. This will allow them to not only feel more comfortable in school, but they’ll also have a chance to develop many different friends.

  • Get Excited For School

Allow your child to help pick out his/her school supplies. Use the attached calendar to do fun activities while waiting for the first day of school to begin.

  • Accompany Your Child to School

Accompanying your child to school will give them a sense of comfort as well as allow you to monitor your child’s interactions with others.

  • Prepare the Night Before

To avoid stress in the morning, organize what you can the night before. Laying out clothes, making lunches and gathering school supplies will help to avoid unnecessary morning delays. Be sure to get everyone up early so you’ll have plenty of time to calmly get ready and get out the door.

  • Get a Healthy Start

After a good night’s sleep Encourage your child to eat a good and healthy breakfast.

  • Be Patient

Even after preparing your child for the new school year, they may still have some anxiety and resentment during the first month. This is natural as everyone gets adjusted to the new school year; realize that it will take time for your child to feel totally comfortable.