Queens World Film Festival 2015


Since 2008, QWFF Head Programmer Don Cato has coordinated the Young Filmmakers Program which brings filmmakers and industry professionals into our community to introduce film making to local children.

The QWFF team immerses children in a film production experience that takes them from original pitch to production of theme based original short films. A pre/post survey is administered to gauge vocabulary and skill acquisition, students rotate through production roles and it is the goal of the program to make sure that every student is able to fully participate in the collaborative nature of film making.

This year QWFF returns to the 5th grade at PS 69, our long-standing community partner. The theme of this year’s films is ‘Character’ and each of the 5 groups are working on original screenplays based on an essay assignment that asked them to recount a moment or experience that taught them a character lesson. As the 5th graders begin to set their sights on transitioning into middle school, this project will encourage them to explore their own character while providing them with the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

2015 Filmmaker Mentors include: Don Cato, Patti Lowenhaupt, Jackie Mortimer, Richard Calvache, Jennifer Humala, and Mark Johnson.

The films will be screened at a special event at PS 69 as part of the 5th Annual QWFF. Keep an eye on us for more details.

Special short films by tomorrow’s filmmakers.
On Thursday March 6, 2014 QWFF held their annual ‘Red Construction Paper Carpet’ event to premier 5 original short films based on the theme of ‘Character’ created by our 2014 Young Filmmakers Program. Funded through Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and free to PS 69, this event belongs to the community. The students wrote personal essays about an ‘aha!’ moment when they discovered something about their own character. The classroom teachers facilitated the selection of their favorite 5 essays to be turned into scripts. At that time, Don Cato brought in filmmakers Sharif Sadek, Shelley Miller, Patti Lowenhaupt and Richard Calvache to lead the production teams through a bootcamp of filmmaking from script writing to shooting. The 5 production teams wrote the scripts, learned about various crew assignments, selected production crew roles, created costumes/props and identified their locations. Finally, each week the teams met with their filmmaker mentors to shoot their scripts. At the screening, NYC Council Member Danny Dromm, the Chair of the Education Committee, was honored for his support of all of NYC city’s school children.


Metal Mouth– Video