Art students paint

At P.S. 69Q, we value art as an important part of learning. Art improves our lives and helps give an understanding of others cultures and societies. We see art as a way to provide opportunities for learning, communication and expression. Learning through art helps with creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and social interactions which is important for the development of the whole child. At P.S. 69Q, our children learn with a range of materials, crafts and techniques, and develop fine-motor coordination. Our students work both independently and cooperatively to explore line, form, surface, light and perspective. Their projects may help with the study of history, geography, nature or culture. A recent example is designs based on the Sam Taegeuk fan of Korea. Our visual art program inspires each child to find their own artistic voice.

Please check out our Art Gallery and see the wonderful art we do here at PS69Q.