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Career Day
May 3, 2024

Be a Volunteer!


On Career Day many volunteers from a variety of different careers will visit the classrooms and share their job experiences with the students.  This will give the students the opportunity to hear and learn about many different careers, some they may never have heard of before.


We are always looking for additional volunteers for all the different career types.


On this day guest speakers, members of the community and parents will visit classrooms.  Each guest will speak with the students about his or her job experiences for approximately 15 minutes per class.


Discussion topics include: (visuals are also great for elementary aged students)


  • Job Description

  • Major tasks

  • Equipment or tools you use

  • Description of your typical day



  • Working hours

  • Fringe benefits (health insurance, vacation, retirement, etc.)

  • Unions and/or professional organizations involved in your work

  • Working environment (noise, hazards, indoor/outdoor, clothing, etc.)

  • History of this kind of work

  • Interdependence of your job and other jobs/products/industries

  • Government regulations affecting your work



  • Degree of opportunity for men and women regardless of race, religion, etc.

  • Opportunity for advancement or career change

  • Personal qualities needed

  • Employment projections: effects of technology and new knowledge on your work



  • Education needed to obtain this job

  • How you started in this field

  • Other jobs you’ve held

  • Skills you already had that you use now: how you acquired them

  • Your recommendation to others for acquiring these same skills

  • Your job as a lifetime career or a steppingstone



  • What you like and dislike about the job

  • What you would change if you could

  • Why you choose this type of work



  • Family time / Leisure time

  • Adequate exercise / General health



If you are interested in speaking at our Career Day or if you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the Guidance Counselor, Ms. Julie Ferrara, at P.S. 69 at (718) 424-7700 extension 1382 or email at





More information about Career Day!


The purpose of Career Day is to highlight the importance of life-long career development and the personal empowerment of all people.  A career choice should be based on what an individual loves to do as well as having the appropriate skills and education to obtain the career.  Career development begins with an understanding and appreciation of yourself.  From there you go on to develop the skills necessary to achieve the career of your choice.  This developmental process begins in the very young child and Career Day is just one way to introduce children to the world of careers.  Below is a list of other suggestions for you to explore careers at home.


  • Pay attention to the activities your child likes, books read, shows watched, or how he/she spends free time.  Talk about careers related to these.

  • When your child says, “I want to be a _______ when I grow up”, ask them to describe that career.  Help them think of related careers.  Example: Football Player. Related careers: Sportswriter, Commentator, Trainer, Coach.

  • Purchase coloring books that highlight career choices.

  • Read children’s books to your child that highlight career areas. Examples: “Jobs People Do”; “The Places You Will Go”; “The Jolly Postman”; “What Will I Be?” etc.

  • Ask your child to define success.  Ask what ways there are to be successful.

  • Discuss what activities your child likes or dislikes and why.

  • Provide magazines, books and other materials that can help your child learn more about his/her interests.

  • Talk about your job and jobs of your relatives.

  • Create a family career tree.

  • A website parents can view is

  • While watching TV, point out the careers that you see.

  • View the world around you and point out various careers.

  • Use the internet or go to the library and research career areas.

  • Go to the PAWS IN JOBLAND website with your child to research careers.  Activation Code:   NY01605  


Remember career development is a life-long decision-making process.  Choices may change based on the events in your life and the world around you.  Explore choices need in order to determine what is best for the individual.

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