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Student Government

The fifth grade students of PS69Q play an important part of student government. They have discussions on real world problems and try to bring awareness to others.

Our students have a voice.


What is SoapBox?

I am going to tell you the importance of SoapBox. Soapbox represents the importance of our voices heard and changing the World. Without our voices, how would we share our opinions on things that need to change? Having our voices heard  is a very lucky thing to have, because in the past it wasn't as common. Did you know that even in today's world, some country's rulers control everything you do? I have experienced a Soapbox event where kids from all around the city gather to talk about issues that matter to them. It is amazing to see so many brave children using their voices for good. Just as the great William Faulkner has said, "Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed." And now I present to you PS69Q's first ever student Soapbox.

Speech presented by Julia A.

List of Presenters and Topics

Julia A. - Introduction to SoapBox

Cameron B. - Kindness

Yvonne R. - Animal Abuse

Golem N. - The Hazards of War

Kalaya B. - Phone Overuse

Rakin S. - More Recess Time

Cecile F. - Smoking

Maria Z. - Child Abuse

Maria C. - Smoking

Victoria H. - Animal Captivity

Olivia G. - Climate Change

Areeb R. - Smoking

Azmayen S. - Dress Code

Brody S. - Gun Violance

Kader N. - Air Pollution

Rayan W. - Trash

Fataha B. - Oil Drilling

Severin C. - Bullying

Sidratul M. - Food Waste

Nasif R. - Pollution

Jazmyn M. - Homelessness

Tasnia A. - Global Warming

Ruhana I. - Racism

Samira L. - Equality for All

Rebecca T. - Ocean Pollution

Lola J. - Online Shopping

Julia A. - Conclusion of SoapBox

PS69Q's first ever SoapBox event which our students voiced their opinions on real world issues. Thank you to our 5th grade students and teachers that supported them in this important event.

SoapBox Event students sitting and standing on stage with their 2 teachers after discussing their SoapBox topics
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