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“Winning is not everything – but making an effort to win is.”   

-Quote by Vince Lombardi

Related traits – Tolerance


Fairness means doing what is right, so no one is badly treated.  Sometimes fairness means equal, but fairness does not always mean the same. Being fair means that you: play by the rules, take turns, share, keep an open mind, consider all sides of a story.


The fair person knows that the best and most important reward he can receive is the feeling he gets inside when he does his best to treat others fairly.


Fairness – How to show your child fairness at home

  • Include your child in simple family decisions. (“If you want tacos for dinner, raise your hand”)

  • Encourage your child to share a special toy with a friend. (For example, suggest the children take turns.)

  • Play a board game together and make a special point to follow the rules.

  • Compliment your child whenever he or she is fair.

  • Fairness is as easy as listening to each other’s sides – especially your child’s.

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