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“No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.”

- Quote by Abraham Lincoln


Related traits – truthfulness, loyalty, integrity


Honesty is having the inner strength to be truthful, trustworthy, and honest in all things.  It is acting justly and honorably.


Everyone needs to be truthful to gain the trust of others.  Honesty is key to improved relationships and developing self-awareness.


Honesty – How to teach it and how to show it


  • Model honesty by making sure you always tell the truth.

  • Discuss with your child the positive effects of honesty.

  • Praise your children when they tell the truth, especially when they may have felt uncomfortable doing so.

  • If your child tells a lie, state that you are disappointed in his/her choice to lie.  Be sure to keep the child’s self-respect intact.

  • Children sometimes lie to get what they want if they feel their lives are too controlled.  If you think this is the case, look for ways to say yes more often.

  • Give your child examples of honesty. Talk about ways you are honest; for example, explain why you – take only what you pay for, return things you borrow, follow through on your promises.

  • Explain to your child that sometimes doing the right thing is much harder than doing the easy thing.  The easy way out isn’t always the best way out.

  • There are consequences for actions but being honest and accepting those consequences will take a big weight of your shoulders and you can move on with a valuable lesson learned.

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