Middle School Admissions

Middle School Admissions Deadline is (to be announced)

To apply to middle schools, you must set up an account at MySchools.nyc. If you already have an account for a different child, you will use that same account and just “add a child”.


EVERY student must apply. If you just want your child to attend your zoned school, you must still apply online.


The Department of Education’s Enrollment Office will be mailing you a Welcome Letter with directions on how to sign up and apply. I will also be sending home duplicate letters with your child. If you do not receive this letter in the mail, please check that we have your correct address. If not, please come to the main office at P.S. 69 and have your correct address changed in the computer system. (You will need two proofs of address)


Log into MySchools using your child’s school identification number (9-digit number found on their report card) and creation code (found on the Welcome Letter). You will then see a screen personalized to your child. The schools listed will be the only schools your child is eligible to apply for.


Make sure to look at each schools Admissions Method. Some schools may require you to sign in at an open house. Frequently check the Department of Education’s website schools.nyc.gov/middle for updated Middle School open houses and fairs. If a school sends me an information flyer, I will send it home to all the students.


Louis Armstrong (Intermediate School 227) applications are also part of the online process and you can apply at MySchools. Charter Schools are the only schools not a part of this process. If you are interested in a Charter School, you need to contact that school directly.


 You will receive one school offer in March. There is no longer an Appeals Process. Instead they will have wait lists for the schools that you placed higher in priority to the one you received. It is VERY important that you list your school choices in the correct order. Make sure these are schools you are willing to send your child to, check for distance and transportation. If you change your mind once you receive your offer in March, you will need to go on a wait list, including a zoned school, and there is no guarantee you will receive an offer from the wait list.


If you need any assistance in setting up an account or applying online, please call or email me to set up an appointment. Please do not wait until December to begin this process.

Middle School Admissions Timeline


In the fall

  • Set up your MySchools account.

  • Attend a middle school fair

  • Attend Open Houses for the middle schools you are interested in

  • Check the website schools.nyc.gov/middle for up-to-date information



  • Submit your online application by the deadline



  • Get your middle school offer letter.

  • You will only receive one offer from a middle school

  • I you are not happy with your offer, join a wait list


Spring and Summer

  • If a seat becomes available, you will receive a wait list offer.

  • The middle school will be in touch directly.