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students playing music on stage

For many years, PS 69Q has been building a thorough and robust music program for all ages, levels and interests.  The main focus of the music program is for our students to achieve musical literacy. We encourage the self-discovery  of musical ability and a deeper appreciation of the importance of music.


Starting in Pre-Kindergarten and continuing through to fifth grade, students receive weekly general music instruction from our specially-trained music educators.  The main component of the music classroom is the Kodály technique. This is a method that focuses on learning music through folk songs, singing games, and solfege. (Solfege is do re mi…) During this time, students develop proper singing technique, basic music notation reading and critical listening skills.  


In the later part of elementary school, (3rd, 4thand 5th  grades) students learn how to play the recorder, ukulele, and guitar as well as pitched and unpitched percussion instruments. Our efforts have expanded to include computer technology as a tool for composition and video production of student performances.


Students interested in continuing their musical journey have many options available to them:

In the third grade, students may sign up for band or orchestra. We introduce woodwind, brass, percussion and stringed instruments.Students study with the music teachers before school. In fourth and fifth grade, students may  join our concert band or string orchestra. These ensembles perform during the school year and are the feature groups at our graduation celebrations.

We offer an award-winning 4th and 5th grade choir that attends many festivals and choral celebrations in New York City.

Finally, we proudly offer the modern rock band. Generously supplied by Little Kids Rock, our rock band allows fifth graders to play rock instruments: guitar, bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar and drum kit. All students are encouraged to join one of our groups and we are proud to say that we have over 200 children enrolled and involved in one or more of our before or after school music programs. Please visit our Music Gallery and see what our students are doing.

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