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The WORD of the Month

A Character Education Program

The WORD of the Month is a character education program. To help the school and family work together in strengthening the character of our students, we want you to be aware of the values and character traits we will be encouraging and learning about here at school. Encourage your child to participate in our monthly coloring contest designed to promote the character WORD of the month.


The purpose of introducing Character Education to our students is to reinforce those values that you teach at home.  We would like to work together as a TEAM to ensure that our students understand that having good character is important in their lives; at home, at school and in their communities.


Having good character means having positive values and acting on those values.  A person with good character wants to do the right thing.  Teaching your child character is a wonderful gift for the future.  Children with good character tend to be happier and friendlier and do better in school.  And, a child with good character becomes an adult with good character.

What you Can Do to Help You Child at Home


Each day ask your child what he/she did that day at school.

Each day ask to see your child’s papers and notices from school.


Have a quiet time each day when the children sit down to do their homework – TV and screens OFF.


Make sure your child gets the proper rest so he or she can function at school – a reasonable bedtime.


You take charge of the TV and other devices and decide what, when and how long your children will watch. 


Each child needs a place to call his or her own (no matter how big or small), a place to keep his or her things.


Put everything for school together the night before.


Your child should leave for school in a good frame of mind.

  • Have a good breakfast.

  • Keep a consistent routine.

  • Notes to school written beforehand


Attend school functions and celebrations.


Come to school every day and on time.

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