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Hello PS 69!  And welcome to the 2nd edition of Fit-News!  This month, while grades 3-5 worked on some cooperative/strategy games like Mission Impossible, grades K-2 did some lessons with scooters and were introduced to soccer!

We learned about scooter safety rules and our Halloween “Haunted Mansion “ made a return last week.  Haunted Mansion is a game where students use scooters to navigate through a maze as they try to collect treats for their team along the way before they get tagged.

Now we are focusing our attention on soccer skills.  Grades K-2 are going to learn proper soccer skills like dribbling, passing and kicking and then put their skills learned in action in some modified soccer games!

Fit News

P.S. 69 Sports Edition

Ms. LoCastro                                                      October 

In the month of October, grades 3-5 have been participating in a soccer unit. During their classes, the students have learned the different skills that are needed to compete in a soccer game. They practiced dribbling, passing and kicking. The skills that they practiced during class, they then incorporated them into 2 different types of modified soccer games. Sideline Soccer is one of the modified games the students played. The class was broken into 6 smaller teams. When their team is called to play, it is 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 and 1 student is the goalie. They play 1 minute rounds, and are a sideline player. If the ball gets kicked out of bounds the sideline players are responsible to throw it back in to their teammates. The other modified game is Number Soccer. Each student is given a number, when their number is called, they come out and play. Everyone else that is not playing on the sideline, become the goalies. The goal for each team is the length of the gym. This makes for a very exciting game. The students love it. 

Concluding the month of October, they got to participate in one of their favorite activities, Mission Impossible. This is a cooperative game that they must perform as a team to be successful. The goal of the activity is to cross from one side of the gym to the other, as a team, without touching the floor. The students are provided different equipment to use, that will help them cross the gym. They must brainstorm different strategies, on how to get across and how they will use the equipment to help them move from one side to the other. We timed each group to see who worked together the fastest in the school. Class 4-409 and 4-404 completed the activity in 8:31, a school record.

6 Ways to Exercise During the Fall

· Apple Picking. Fall offers lots of outdoor activities to help you get a few extra steps in, from apple picking to navigating a corn maze to hiking or cycling. ...

· Fun Runs. ...

· Dancing. ...

· Yoga. ...

· Raking Leaves and Other Yardwork. ...

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