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P.S. 69 Sports Edition

Ms. LoCastro                                                            May 

As we are approaching the end of the school year, Mr. Alfano and I have decided to introduce a Backyard Games Unit.


First game that we introduced was 4 square, also known as boxball. Participating in this game helps with eye-hand coordination and concentration. Four square requires students to be able to be flexible, balanced while also having the concept of directional awareness. The students are enjoying this game and can easily play it anywhere, just use chalk to create the court, a ball that bounces and your good to go.

Next, is Bocce ball. This is an awesome holistic activity, which helps improve coordination, flexibility and balance. It is a great low-impact sport. Students were split into teams of four. The objective of the game is to toll your bocce ball closer to the “Pallino” than your opponents, to earn points. First team to 10 points, wins. 

The last backyard game in our unit is horseshoes. The game horseshoes originated back in Ancient Rome, over 2000 years ago. What an awesome fact about the game. Horseshoes is very simple and provides a means for people of all different ages to have fun and enjoy a moderate exercise. Students are working together as a team to toss their horseshoes closest to the stake. They are competing to be the first team to reach 10 points. After they reach 10 points, each team will reset and start a new game.


All of these backyard games are extremely easy to play. We hope that our students will continue to enjoy participating in these games outside of P.S. 69.

Fit News

Coach Alfano


As spring rolled around, the physical education department started a brand new unit “Backyard games” where we hoped to teach the students of PS 69Q some popular games that they could play at home or, in the convenience of their backyard.

One game learned was Four Square
A game that four players play at a time.  Each player stands in a box marked off by lines on the ground, tape, chalk, etc. The objective of the game is to bounce the ball into another players box and trying to eliminate them from the game if they miss the ball.  When a player is eliminated, the active players rotate and a new player joins the game so that there’s always four players playing at a time.

The next game learned was “Horseshoes “
The game can be played 1 vs 1 or in teams where teammates take turns tossing a horseshoe and trying to get it to land as close as possible to a spike or stick in the ground.  The closest horseshoe to the spike gets a point.  Any horseshoe’s leaning on the spike, a “leaner”, scores 2 points.  A horseshoe that has landed around the spike, a “ringer”, scores 3 points.  Players take turns alternating tossing the horseshoes until all have been tossed.

Another game was bocce ball.
In Bocce, players take turns tossing the bocce balls to see who can land their ball closest to the pallino (a smaller ball).  The players take turns tossing their bocces until all have been tossed.  Points are then scored based on who got their bocces closest to the pallino.

The final game of the unit was Lawn Darts
Similar to darts, instead the dart board is on the floor and players take turns tossing their darts towards the bullseye.  Points are determined by where on the boards their darts land.  This game offers variety and creativity because the “dart board “ can be one ring, or multiple rings which can offer more targets to toss at and more options on how many points can be scored.  The object however, is to toss your lawn dart onto, or as close as possible, to the target.

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